UE Wonderboom Bluetooth Speaker Review



UE Wonderboom is a speaker I’ve been hearing a lot about lately. I didn’t have much knowledge about the speaker, so I decided to take a look at it. From the 360 Sound to waterproofing and the ability to float, it has definitely left an impression. I weighed all the pros and cons of the Wonderboom and give a detailed breakdown of what sets it apart from it’s competitors as well as where it falls short. By the end of this review, you should be confident in your decision to purchase or not purchase a UE Wonderboom.


Overall Rating

  • Durability 90%
  • Sound Quality 85%
  • Price 95%
  • Battery Life 75%


  • Very loud
  • Durable
  • Pairing ability
  • 360 degree sound
  • Price
  • Waterproof


  • Battery Life
  • Distorted sound at low and high volumes
  • Slightly big for transport
  • No speakerphone capability
The initial testing of the UE Wonderboom made a great impression. I loved the 360 degree sound it produced. One my biggest complaints about many bluetooth speakers is that the direction of sound is limited to where the speakers are pointed. With the Wonderboom, you never have to worry about that. One of the biggest features people were calling for was waterproofing. UE delivered in great fashion. The Wonderboom is fully waterproof, and it floats! The sound is affected while it’s in the water, but it’s better than it being destroyed.

People raved about the sound quality from such a small speaker, and for good reason, this thing gets LOUD. Unfortunately there were some drawbacks. The mid range sound can be a little dicey at times, and the sound can be distorted on the lower levels when the speaker is at maximum volume. Overall, the sound quality is great for the size however. The speaker can also be paired with other Wonderbooms to create even greater sound. The Wonderboom is also drop resistant up to 5 feet. I know I drop my bluetooth speaker quite a bit, so this is definitely a handy feature to have.

The price point is something that is sure to make buyers happy. You can pick one of these speakers up for $99.99, which is a great when you compare it many other speakers in the same category. You don’t get as many features as you do with some other speakers, but you do get a reliable, loud speaker with 360 degree sound and chaining capabilities. Oh yeah, and it’s waterproof!
Customer reviews around the UE Wonderboom are mostly positive. People love the 360 degree sound, and how loud the speaker gets. I did see one review specifically that says that the fine print on the instructions says to never play the speaker near or in water. That is concerning, but many other reviews have stated they have used it in water without a problem. Other reviewers have noted that the higher tones can cause a crackling in the sound of the speaker. UE has responded to these claims saying that a simple reset can fix the problem, but it is still concerning. People love the durability this speaker offers, cause let’s face it, we all drop things. Overall the UE Wonderboom is a good speaker for the price, but there are some drawbacks that may cause some buyers to second guess purchasing it.


The UE Wonderboom is a portable, waterproof speaker that can pump out some serious sound. It has the ability to pair with another Wonderboom, and is drop resistant from up to 5 feet. Reviews on the product were overall good, with many people loving that they could take it in water. While a little large for the small speaker category, customers were quite surprised at how much sound a speaker this size could produce. The sound complaints are with the bass at high volumes and the mid range can sometimes sound off, while the high tones can also cause a crackling sound within the speaker. With most speakers, you sacrifice sound quality for sheer volume. The price is also something people are sure to love, as the UE Wonderboom costs $99.99. Many other bluetooth capable speakers sit around $125-$150. The battery life of this speaker comes in at about 10 hours. There is also no speakerphone capability like on many other bluetooth speakers. For the money, this speaker is a good bargain. You do sacrifice some features though.

UE Wonderboom Bluetooth Speaker

UE Wonderboom Bluetooth Speaker



    Sound Quality




        Battery Life



          • Very Loud
          • Durable
          • Waterproof
          • 360 Degree Sound
          • Price


          • Battery Life
          • Mid Range Sound
          • Can Distort Sound At low Levels On Maximum Volumes
          • Slightly Big For Transport
          • No Speakerphone Capability