Total AV Antivirus Review


TotalAV Antivirus software is a name that is pretty common with security software even though they are fairly new in an industry that has been around since the dawn of the internet. They have been protecting devices for years and offer protection from Malware, Spyware and Adware. TotalAV Antivirus protection bases their business model on an affordable service that offers great protection but mainly, it is easy to use! They are one of the easiest to download and use on the market which makes them a top contender for the best pieces of antivirus software you can get. How does TotalAV stack up against the competition though? Well we dove in head first and tested out all of their features and compared that with the pricing, compatibility and customer service to come up with a very detailed review of TotalAV antivirus software. Take a look below.


Overall Rating

  • Protection 100%
  • Price 95%
  • Compatibility 95%
  • Features 90%


  • Very powerful antivirus
  • Fast operation
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to install/use


  • No community forum
  • Pop-up notifications are intrusive
  • Free version isn’t useful at all


TotalAV prides themselves in being one of the easiest antivirus platforms on the market to use. They offer a quick scan that is very effective and surprisingly fast. I noticed that the free plan literally provides just a quick scan. If you want any one of the issues resolved, no matter how minuscule, you’ll have to pay. In my opinion, with TotalAV, you get what you par for. They offer many reliable features including email protection and parental control. They have specific filters that are constantly being updated to stay on top of new threats. If you have an older computer, you’ll notice some antivirus plans will not be compatible. TotalAV is compatible with pretty much any device you could think of, including android and iOS.

One of the main benefits of TotalAV is that they offer the system booster with the ultimate plan. The system booster scans your system resources in order to operate as efficiently as possible. Start-up is incredibly fast, much faster than the industry standard in fact. Aside from blocking adware, malware and spyware, TotalAV actually locates unused junk files freeing up usable space on your computer thereby speeding it up.

I’ve read through hundreds of actual user reviews and testimonials to come to the conclusion that people are generally very happy with the security provided by TotalAV antivirus software. The customer service department is easy to reach either by phone, email or chat. People generally feel that the price is very fair for the amount of security you do receive. Nobody has reported any trojans or malware infecting their computers. The cross-platform compatibility is very convenient when protecting phones as well as personal computers. This relatively new antivirus software seems to have a confident grasp on security and you can rest assured you will be protected with TotalAV antivirus software.


TotalAV antivirus offers a great product with three plans to choose from starting at $19.95. The most basic plan covers up to 3 devices and runs surprisingly fast. TotalAV is fairly new to the antivirus world but they are making a huge impact due to their reliability and great customer service. You are safe from trojans, malware, adware and spyware. I love the fact that the software finds unused junk files and cleans up your computer. That’s just one of the beneficial features you can expect from TotalAV antivirus software. The real-time protection eliminates spam on any device as well. For only $19.95 a year that covers 3 devices, you really can’t go wrong. TotalAV antivirus software has proven to be reliable and secure. On top of that the price is fair, what more could you ask for?












          • Powerful Antivirus Protection
          • Safe Browsing
          • Customer Support
          • Easy To Use


          • Intrusive Pop-Up Notifications
          • Free Version Is Too Basic
          • No Community Forum