SuperStar BackFloat Bluetooth Speaker Review


The SuperStar BackFloat is one incredibly unique speaker and definitely has a place in the top portable speakers of 2017 review. The speaker itself is made by Monster which is the same company that used to make Beats By Dre. They are known for producing a high quality product so we dove in to find out if the Backfloat holds up to its reputation. The portable bluetooth speaker boasts the ability to float on its back in any amount of water while delivering rocking sound. It has a sleek compact design that is easy to take anywhere. If you’re a shower singer, beach bum or want to bring the party to the pool, the SuperStar BackFloat might be for you. Take a look at the in depth review below.



Overall Rating

  • Durability 85%
  • Sound Quality 75%
  • Price 75%
  • Battery Life 70%


  • Waterproof design
  • The speaker floats
  • Long bluetooth range
  • Compact size


  • Short battery life
  • Sound is directional
  • Highs and lows become distorted easily
  • Pretty expensive

The SuperStar BackFloat is a pretty cool concept given the fact that it floats. I’m imagining pool parties with the speaker blasting some great party music and everyone having a great time playing water volleyball. Well when you really let the details sink in, you might not be so impressed. The speakers are directional. When the unit is out of water, it is made to stand on its side at a slight upward angle. This projects the sound throughout the room. Well when the speaker is floating on its back, it projects the sound straight up making it a little difficult to hear unless you’re right next to it. If too much water splashes on it from your extreme water volleyball game, the sound becomes muffled until you shake it off. The bass and treble start to distort at louder volumes. So much so that the listening experience becomes uncomfortable. The BackFloat does offer bluetooth enabled phone calls. Not many competitors offer this feature at the same price. If you want an lightweight, portable, waterproof speaker  that you can float in the bathtub or the pool, the SuperStar BackFloat is your best option.



The Monster made SuperStar BackFloat bluetooth speaker is priced pretty high. I’ve searched multiple shopping sites and it looks like Amazon will give you the best price ranging between $90.00 and $140.00. Even on the lower spectrum of this price range, I feel that the SuperStar BackFloat is lacking a little in the quality department. They put their emphasis on making it waterproof and float in a small package. That’s awesome if you’re in the right scenario but for every day use I think that the BackFloat is priced a little too high for the sound it produces.



Customer reviews on the SuperStar BackFloat are pretty consistent across the board. Everyone loves the fact that it floats and seem to be happy with the size. The biggest complaint I’ve found is that it’s not loud enough. Especially when used on a lake with a boat or in the hot tub where other sounds are a factor. In a pool or in a quiet room, you’ll have no complaints but if you love to play your music as loud as possible like I do, you might be somewhat disappointed. Keep that in mind when searching bluetooth portable speakers. If you listen to more relaxing music and are looking for a speaker to play during a calm bath or another similar situation the SuperStar BackFloat will fit your needs perfectly!



With the perfect scenario the SuperStar BackFloat by Monster is an awesome speaker. If you want a relaxing float in your pool with your favorite music, this is perfect. If you love to sing in the shower, look no further for that waterproof singing aid. If you’re looking for something to bring the pool party to life, you’ll want a bit more sound. The design is sleek and the features are awesome. The price is a little high but it is one of the only speakers on the market that floats. It’s made by Monster so you’ve got a big company behind it ready to help with any warranty or return concerns should any issues come about. I could see the SuperStar BackFloat being awesome if you were out kayaking on a calm lake but its not a speaker that will fit every scenario you put it in.

SuperStar BackFloat Bluetooth Speaker By Monster

SuperStar BackFloat Bluetooth Speaker By Monster



    Sound Quality




        Battery Life



          • It Floats
          • Can Take Bluetooth Phone Calls
          • Waterproof
          • Long Bluetooth Range


          • Short Battery Life
          • Directional Sound
          • Pricey
          • Distorts At Louder Volumes