JustHost Web Hosting Review



JustHost is a common name in the industry. They have been around for a while and have had great success. They are one of the bigger hosting platforms out there and they had some great reviews. It seems like things are changing with JustHost, so we wanted to see if the changes in their services have changed the once positive outlook. They have always been proud of a quality of service that once set the industry standard, but we did some digging to see if these changes are beneficial for the modern website. We analyzed JustHost‘s performance records, features, pricing and user testimonials to come up with a thorough review.




Overall Rating

  • Price 75%
  • Support 70%
  • Reliability 75%
  • Features 90%


  • Very easy to use
  • Free domain registration
  • Unlimited domains
  • Excellent uptime




  • Below industry standard page load times
  • Sub-par customer service
  • High priced for the service
  • Too many up-sells

JustHost has been around since 2008 and when they started everyone loved their services. They offered awesome uptime and faster than industry standard page loading times. The features they offer are great and the customer service was top notch for the price. JustHost has gone through a lot of changes over the past few years and it seems that roughly 2-3 years ago, businesses started to take a hit. Uptime started to be more and more inconsistent, page speeds started to slow down and prices started to rise. It seems like all at once, the websites that they were hosting started to have technical issues that customer service was less than thrilled to resolve. This has left a bade taste in current customers mouths and has popped up a lot of red flags for newer customers. Before I go too far, JustHost does have a lot of features you can utilize and a very easy to use control panel. Those benefits have been raved about for years by JustHost users. It seems things are changing and I don’t think they’re changing for the better.

At a basic package price starting at $3.95, JustHost is by no means the cheapest on the market. In fact they end up on the pricy side of similar companies offering the same benefits. Many users state that the prices continually rise, especially if you decide to implement any of their many features. Using WordPress raises the cost as well. A few years ago, this price might have been justified but these days, where competition in the hosting market is everywhere, you have to meet all the users needs at a fair price. JustHost just doesn’t measure up at this price.

JustHost has been in the game for a while and user reviews and testimonials used to be very consistent and very positive. Uptime, customer service/support and features were something that attracted many users, but recently things have changed. The majority of user reviews and testimonials from about 2-3 years ago have gone from being positive to rather negative. Customers have seen a decline in customer support as well as a drop in uptime. The features are still there and they are awesome. In fact nobody has really anything bad to say regarding the amount of features you do get when you decide to go with JustHost for your hosting needs. Just hope you never run into a technical issue because you might be up the creek without a paddle. As far as uptime, customers have noticed a steady decline over the last 2 years and there is no change in sight.


JustHost used to be awesome, customers were proud to recommend them to any size business or blog. Things seemed to have changed over the years and not for the better. JustHost seems to be lacking in a few very important departments and their customers are taking a hit. JustHost has made a lot of changes and they just don’t seem to be working out. If they were a newer company coming in with a much lower price, I wouldn’t be so critical but JustHost is not new to the hosting game and they have proven that they can be one of the top hosting companies. I wonder if they will bring back the old way of doing things. I hope they do because they were once a great company to be with and support.












          • Free Site Builder
          • 1-Click WordPress Install
          • Advertising Credits
          • Free Domain


          • Slow page load times
          • Inconsistant uptime
          • Bad customer service/support reviews
          • High priced