iPage Web Hosting Review



iPage is one of the most popular web hosting platforms, and for good reason. They are known throughout the industry for their affordability and loads of features that make them a top choice for anyone looking to make their mark on the internet. What specific features do they offer? And maybe even more importantly, what features don’t they offer? I investigate what perks iPage offers that could make them the right, or possibly the wrong choice for your web hosting needs. I looked at many different areas that are relevant to someone looking for hosting for a web site. After reading this review, you will have a full understanding of the capabilities and deficiencies iPage has so you can make an educated decision if they are the right web hosting solution for you.



Overall Rating

  • Price 95%
  • Support 90%
  • Reliability 70%
  • Features 85%


  • Great 24/7 customer service
  • Tons of extras
  • Mobile friendly templates
  • Domain name transfers for $1.99
  • Competitive pricing


  • Price jumps
  • Non refundable domain fee
  • Security falls short
  • Lack of Windows hosting options
  • Uptime/load speed

Owned by EIG (Endurance International Group), iPage has been around for more than 18 years. The company was created in 1998, but didn’t reach their pinnacle of success until after their re-launched in 2009. Now there are 6 offices world wide, with two data centers in the US serving over 1 million websites that have earned the top ranking for web hosting on most hosting review sites. What is it, though, that makes iPage such a good choice for your web hosting needs? Well, for starters, they are one of the cheapest on the market and offer a full money back guarantee for the remainder of your contract. iPage connects simply with Google Apps, PayPal, and more, which is especially good news if you are an ecommerce based business. You don’t usually assume that the cheaper options will have the great customer service, but iPage provides their clients above average support through their phone, email, and live chat options. They also offer many of the features that more expensive hosting services offer, including:

  • Unlimited hosting
  • Free domain name
  • Webmail
  • 24×7 customer support

iPage plans start out at $1.99, making them easily one of the most affordable options. The astounding part of this offer is that this rate applies to all their deals, whether you sign up for 36 months or 12 months. The price will obviously increase as you add on additional features.

iPage offers a variety of hosting services to cover all your needs:

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

One of the drawbacks to iPage is the lack of Windows based servers. Uptime has also be an issue. In a recent study, iPage had an average uptime of 99.84% over 12 months. This is significantly lower than many other web hosts. As you know, having your server go down can be absolutely disastrous and quite costly. Page loading times are also 48% slower than the average (965ms vs. top company speeds of under 500ms).

Security on iPage uses only the SiteLock security system, while others use as many as 3 systems to ensure your security. iPage security does include daily backups so you can easily revert to a previous version in case you download a bad plugin or suffer the mishap of some other catastrophic event. This feature normally costs extra, but is included with the appealing $1.99 price point.


iPage‘s promotional pricing makes them a very attractive option for people with a limited budget. I also appreciate the consistent pricing regardless of contract length (minimum of 12 months). Unfortunately, when the promotional pricing ends, you’re looking at a 350% jump to $8.99 a month from the previous price of only $1.99.

You won’t have any trouble finding reviews for iPage. They are one of the most popular hosting services, which translates to lots of reviews. The promotional pricing is great and iPage is great for people with simple websites. The uptime and load speeds are a consistant sore spot for reviewers while the refund policy is something that many people are pleasantly surprised by. They will refund you all the remaining money from the time on your contract that you don’t use. The customer service is generally praised as being better than expected for what you are paying. Overall, the service provided by iPage is consistently more positive than negative. Users seem happy with the price, customer service, and features they get. Most customers are willing to recommend their services, as affordability and ease of use are their highest priorities. If these are important to you, then you may be adequately satisfied with iPage as your web host.


iPage has been around for 18 years. That is an incredibly long time for a web hosting company. After their re-vamp in 2009, they have been one of the top hosting services out there. Their affordability and ease of use are two of the biggest selling points. After their introductory rates, however, they become even more expensive than some of the best hosting services out there. That is definitely not ideal, but if you’re looking for a web host for a short time, this may suffice. The uptime and load speeds are a huge concern when it comes to deciding whether to use iPage or not. These are two very critical aspects of web hosting that can lead to disastrous results such as low sales and conversion rates. iPage offers 4 types of hosting, with different features that can be added to each package. Customer service is better than expected– they are available 24/7, answer questions directly, and add helpful details to make things easier for their clients. While the security is not as extensive as many others, it is still sufficient. If you are looking for a simple web hosting platform with good technical support and a promotional price that can’t be beat, check out what iPage can do for you.












          • Security Suite
          • Advertising Credits
          • 24/7 Support
          • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


          • None Reported