Rock Out 2 Bluetooth Speaker Review



Goal Zero has been producing speakers for a few years now and their latest version is the Solar equipped Rock Out 2. The speaker has an awesome design, is very durable and comes with some great features. Goal Zero has been in the business of providing off-grid power to people who need it most for years. They introduced a speaker to provide those off-grid people some tunes to enjoy no matter where or when. Because Goal Zero is primarily an outdoor friendly company, you can expect quality and durability from them. Let’s take an in-depth look at the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 bluetooth speaker and see if it holds up to the companies great reputation.



Overall Rating

  • Durability 92%
  • Sound Quality 90%
  • Price 95%
  • Battery Life 85%


  • Water resistant
  • Able to daisy chain multiple speakers
  • Great battery life
  • Optional solar charging


  • Does not charge your device
  • Solar panel is slow to charge



The Goal Zero Rock Out 2 is an awesome speaker that is catered to the adventurous outdoorsman. It is very durable, water resistant and sounds awesome. There is a very unique feature that you get to enjoy with the Rock Out 2 and that’s the addition of a small solar panel on the back of the cover. The Rock Out 2 boasts 20 hours of battery life in a very small package. With the addition of the solar panel on the back, as long as you have sun, you’ll have tunes! The Rock Out 2 has an elastic configuration with stretchy loops and hooks on the back that allows it to attach to basically anything of any size. Another awesome feature is that the Rock Out 2 zips open and closed to store your phone or media player, some money or anything of smaller size. One big problem with most bluetooth speakers is the fact that you have to keep a cord handy for charging or plugging in if you choose not to use the bluetooth pairing. This problem is eliminated because the Rock Out 2 has both cords built in and permanently attached inside the pocket of the speaker. All this for under $100.00 so where’s the drawback? The sound is awesome, the size is great and the features are in a class of their own. Well the drawback is that you cannot charge your phone. You can take bluetooth calls thanks to the built in mic. One of the best features with the Rock Out 2 is the fact that it can be paired with as many Rock Out 2’s as you want. The speaker itself is pretty small so you are slightly limited when it comes to volume. Well, pair it with your friends speaker or even 2-3 more and get full surround sound! I’ve paired 3 of these before while camping and hung them up in the trees and there is no way we could have come near full volume. I mean it was LOUD!


Goal Zero has an awesome return policy and if the product is defective in anyway they will send you a new one, no questions asked. All in all, I love this speaker. I love the sound it produces for how small it is, I love the features and durability. I feel like the solar panel on the back charges too slow to be really functional but it does work. I don’t think the benefits of the solar charger outweigh the fact that it makes the speaker more fragile. The Rock Out 2 already has a great battery life but the solar panel does come in handy while camping without any source of power.


Coming in at under $100.00 the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 is very fairly priced for the features you get. You’re hard pressed to find a solar powered (as well as usb chargeable) bluetooth speaker that is water resistant for that price. If you have any issues with the Rock Out 2 the return policy is easy and hassle free. I would even spend a few more bucks to have that handy solar panel charge my phone while I was using it.



The reviews for the Rock out 2 are the same across the board. Everyone is thrilled with the updated version of the original speaker now dubbed the Rock Out 2. It has enhanced bass and a way better sound than the original. The external volume and skip/repeat buttons make it very convenient. The straps are awesome and the battery life is understated at 20 hours. People are talking about getting up to 30 hours of play with the speaker. Some people have noticed a static sound when connected to certain devices. My guess is that the devices have dirty ports because it has been too inconsistent to make a conclusion. The main gripe is that for having a solar panel built right into the back panel, it doesn’t charge your device. Also the speakers are directional. A lot of newer portable speakers have multiple drivers pointing in different directions for a fuller sound. The Rock Out 2 has 2 drivers that are directional but they produce a very full sound for the size. All-in-all, the reviews for the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 are outstanding.




The Goal Zero Rock out 2 is made for adventure seekers who spend their time outdoors. I have used this speaker for years on countless hikes, camping trips, bike rides and kayak trips and it has held up flawlessly. The price used to be a little high but has recently come down quite a bit making it a top competitor for speakers under $100.00. The quality is superb and the sound it produces is ample for the size. If the sound isn’t enough for you, buy two and pair them. The Bluetooth range is roughly 35 feet which is more than enough and the solar panel, while slow to charge, does work to keep you partying as long as the sun is out. I highly recommend the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 if you’re looking for a portable speaker to take on your next adventure. If a home speaker is what your looking for, I feel you can find better by giving up some of the ruggedness. For an outdoor speaker priced under $100.00, the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 is some serious competition for any other outdoor speaker on the market.

Rock Out 2 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Rock Out 2 Bluetooth Speaker Review



    Sound Quality




        Battery Life



          • Water Resistant
          • Daisy Chain To Pair As Many As You Want
          • Great Battery Life
          • Solar Charging


          • Does Not Charge Your Device
          • Solar Panel Is Slow To Charge