Garcinia Cambogia Save has a very clean and easy to navigate website. Their information is readily available on the front page and at first glance  I get the impression that they are completely transparent. The site is unlike many weight loss sites that just bombard you with pictures of skinny attractive people and catchy slogans in an attempt to keep you distracted from any real information. That was my first impression. As I navigated through to make a purchase I found that the company information was easily available on each page leading me to believe that they are a reputable company offering a quality product. I love the fact that they have so many verified reviews. So what sets Garcinia Cambogia Save apart from the rest? Take a look at my full review below.


Overall Rating

  • Price 85%
  • Delivery 90%
  • Reviews 90%
  • HCA 95%


  • Easy to navigate site
  • Over 2000 verified reviews
  • Actual live person customer service
  • Fast Delivery
  • Highest HCA concentration available[/box]


  • Priced about the same as competitors (discounts available through newsletter)
  • No free shipping.  $4.99 Domestic, $9.99 International
  • Came in a bubble mailer, slightly higher possibility of being damaged during shipping

Looking at the label, it looks like Garcinia Cambogia Save the specified ingredients that have been the most popular for the best results. Pure Garcinia Cambogia paired with potassium, chromium and calcium (for better absorption) and a HCA concentration of 95%! That seems much higher than most of the competition. This leads me to the price. Based on the ingredients and HCA concentration, they are slightly lower priced than most companies with the same ingredients. Checkout was panfry and easy to understand. The website is PCI compliant meaning that you won’t get a call from your bank asking if you meant to purchase from an untrustworthy site. The site is safe and secure to take a payment. I purchased two bottles of Garcinia Cambogia Save. I received them both just 3 business days after ordering.



The Garcinia Cambogia Save packaging was discreet and came as stated in a bubble mailer with a coupon for 25% off my next purchase and some company information inside. The directions state to take one pill 30 minutes before your first meal and 1 pill 30 minutes before dinner. I started on a Monday and didn’t notice any difference in my day so I figured the product was safe enough to continue. After roughly 1 week of consistently taking Garcinia Cambogia Save pills, I noticed that I had more energy than I had before the pills. I didn’t get tired in the afternoons near as badly as before. After two weeks I decided I’d brave the scales. I was down 3 pounds. Nothing astronomical by any means but it showed me signs that I should continue to take the pills. Six weeks in and I noticed that I felt thinner, I was more active and my afternoon laziness had disappeared completely. I also noticed that I had completely stopped snacking between meals without even noticing. The claims of it being an appetite suppressant were definitely true. Nothing that made me sickly or shaky feeling though. I mean I hadn’t really noticed other than I wasn’t hungry when I normally was between meals. After 6 weeks I was down 13.5 pounds. I ate slightly better than usual but had not done any sort of exercise whatsoever (I just had no time). I have two more weeks of pills and just purchased two more bottles. Im hoping I can lose 25 pounds and at the rate that I’m going, I don’t see that being too much of a struggle. We’ll see though. I’m very happy with how the company operates. I appreciate the customer service and the availability of speaking to an individual. I appreciate the fast shipping and the products coming just as described. The HCA content is one of the highest you can find on the market. I appreciate that they are a US company and the products are made in an FDA registered and cGMP certified facility. After my research you can purchase from Garcinia Cambogia Save with confidence. One of the original distributors of Garcinia Cambogia has proven themselves as a true weight loss resource. With over 2,000 verified Garcinia Cambogia reviews, they have a reputation like no other from their customer service to their money back guarantee.



Garcinia Cambogia Save, seems to be very proud of their customer reviews. After a very easy Google search, it turns out that the reviews are verified by Google and real customers. After doing some in depth research I found that all of their product information is correct and they make no unrealistic claims of someone losing a ridiculous amount of weight in a ridiculous amount of time. This leads to the credibility of their product in my eyes to start but were not done yet. Before I buy anything online I make sure that the company can be reached. I found their contact page easily and decided to give them a call along with using their “chat feature”. Both were answered with a very professional “hello, thank you for contacting garcinia cambogia save, how may I help you.” I simply asked about the return policy and they state that you must try the product for at least two months before you are eligible for a refund. This makes sense as I’ve found in my research that Garcinia Cambogia does not work overnight. After I understood the return policy I made it to the purchase page.





Garcinia Cambogia Save is a highly reputable company with a long history in the market. They sell a great product and have great customer service. This business model seems to be harder and harder to find these days but they stick to the old way of doing things which is a blessing if you ask me. I appreciate their in depth information as well as the return policy. They don’t scam their customers and seem to be genuinely concerned about the health and wellbeing of others. the product worked for me, I paid a fair price, it was shipped fast and discreet. All of these attributes combined earned Garcinia Cambogia Save the number 1 spot on my Garcinia Cambogia Review.

Garcinia Cambogia Save

Garcinia Cambogia Save










          • Been In Business For 8 Years
          • Unlimited Customer Service
          • Money Back Guarantee
          • Thousands Of Verified Reviews
          • 95% HCA


          • 4.99 Shipping
          • Pricing is very similar to competitors
          • packaging may be vulnerable