Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker Review



You may not be familiar with the speaker brand Fugoo. When I first heard about it from a friend a year ago, I thought he mispronounced the name. Nope, I was wrong, it sounds just like it’s spelled. While the Fugoo speaker might not be the most recognizable brand in the electronics market, one thing is sure this is a powerhouse of a speaker! The size is pretty perfect, not too big, but not so small that it can’t produce quality sound. It comes with multiple case options for different adventures and has a battery life that is well above the industry standard. Let’s take an in depth look at the Fugoo bluetooth speaker and see just how well it holds up to the bigger brands in the industry.


Overall Rating

  • Durability 95%
  • Sound Quality 90%
  • Price 90%
  • Battery Life 100%


  • Customizable core allows multiple cases for different adventures
  • Incredible battery life
  • 6 speakers offering 360′ sound
  • Internal mic allows for bluetooth phone calls


  • Price is a little higher than some




The Fugoo portable speaker comes in two basic sizes. The regular Fugoo Core X or the Fugoo Core XL. Both of these offer 360′ sound. That means that they have speakers (drivers) pointing in every direction on each side of the core so you don’t have to position your speaker accordingly. The smaller Core X has 6 drivers and the core XL has 8 drivers. They offer an unheard of 40 hours of battery life! That’s far above the industry standard and much higher than most of the best competitors on the market. We found that they last roughly 20 hours on a very loud volume. The 40 hours comes from playing the speaker at half volume, which is still pretty loud. The core is paired with your favorite sleeve or case, if you will. Fugoo offers 3 styles of cases, the style, the sport and the plus. The core itself is 100% waterproof and pretty durable on it’s own. The cases offer a personalized touch and even more protection depending on which case you prefer. The slimmer “style” case is a sexy case with a fabric cover that comes in a variety of colors. The tough is a industrial looking almost military inspired case that can handle a drop from 6′ without a skip guaranteed.


The sound quality is incredible for the size and the battery life is awesome. It is a waterproof speaker with multiple case options. My only complaint would be not enough bass (in all honesty I’m never going to find a portable speaker with enough bass, they’re just not big enough). Fugoo must have read my mind because if you’re looking for more bass and a much louder volume, they do sell the Core XL which has 8 drivers and is about twice as big as the Fugoo Core X.

The price for the Fugoo Core X ranges from $89.99 -$129.99 depending on the case you pair it with. The “style” is on the lower end and the “tough” is at the high end. Based on other speakers that hit all the marks the Fugoo does, this price is definitely fair. If you want to give up the waterproofness or the battery life you can find a speaker that is a bit cheaper but overall, for the features that you get right out of the box, the Fugoo Core X is well worth the money.


The Core XL does get a bit pricey coming in around $249.99 for the “tough” case option. When you take into consideration the size of the Core XL and what it would be used for, I think that there are some better options out there in that price range.

Customer reviews are pretty consistent with the Fugoo Core X. People seem to be very happy with the sound quality, the battery life and the price. The biggest overall complaint that I’ve been able to find (it took a lot of searching) was that the volume didn’t go up as high as the customer wanted. This is to be expected with any speaker this size. It is louder than most other speakers in its class, but it will not be loud enough to make your ears bleed. You will need to step up in size to the XL if you really want to make the neighbors mad. The Fugoo Core X is by no means a “cheap speaker”, but it’s not a cheaply made speaker either. You’re paying for quality and durability.


The Fugoo Core X is an awesome portable speaker that can withstand any environment you throw it in. If you’re lying on a beach in Mexico or climbing the tallest peak in the U.S. the Fugoo will keep rocking. If you like classic operas, Hip-Hop or heavy metal, the Fugoo X will not disappoint. The 360′ sound blasting out of the 6 drivers makes positioning the speaker very convenient and really fills the room with sound. The battery life is incredible and the price is fair. I really like the fact that you can take a phone call while using it and the integrated mic seems to be top notch allowing the caller to understand you even with background noise. Battery life is never going to be an issue. The Fugoo can mount to anything and is very rugged regardless of which case you choose. I highly recommend the Fugoo Core X portable speaker to any music lover.





    Sound Quality




        Battery Life



          • Multiple different case options
          • 40 hour battery life
          • 360' sound from 6 drivers
          • Can take phone calls without disconnecting


          • Price is higher than some speakers on the market