Fat Cow Web Hosting Review



Fat Cow web hosting is definitely no spring chicken in the industry. The company emerged in 1998 and has seen it all. Fat Cow has always been known for being a fun brand with a fun image. While they might be a fun company, one thing is for certain, they take hosting for smaller and medium sized companies very seriously. Fat Cow has such a long history that the analytics and hosting data are readily available and really consistent. I took a look at the pricing, hosting speed, uptime, customer service and what you get for your dollar in order to come up with a very thorough review of Fat Cow web hosting.


Overall Rating

  • Price 75%
  • Support 75%
  • Reliability 95%
  • Features 90%


  • Excellent uptime history
  • Huge amount of affordable features
  • Free domain and domain transfer
  • $200 in bonuses and credits
  • Money back guarantee


  • Slower load speeds
  • Prices can escalate rapidly based on growth
  • Initial price is not the cheapest in the market
  • Customer support is inconsistent


Because Fat Cow has been around since 1998 they have had plenty of time to figure out the bugs, correct their mistakes and come up with some pretty unique features. This means that Fat Cow offers a very reliable service with an impressive uptime of 99.99%. Fat Cow also offers many cool and easy to use features, especially if you’re a WordPress user. The control panel is about as simple as it gets. One thing you should know is that, if you’re going to transfer an existing domain, you may need to wait up to 48 hours after your account activation. The page load speed could be faster, it is nothing to write home about, however I don’t see it being slow enough to affect most typical users. Fat Cow has a reputation that has taken them years to build. They are a powerhouse in the industry offering a very reliable service.

Customer service is great. The Fat Cow customer service reports and ticket times are above normal however I have seen reports of issues taking a little longer than expected with a few customers. I don’t think there are enough bad reports to be concerned about.

As you may understand by now Fat Cow hosting is a very reliable service with a lot of features. So what’s the catch? Well Fat Cow is owned by Endurance International Group. The giant conglomerate owns many hosting companies and I feel that you can get the same reliability and speed for a lower cost from one of their other companies. The initial cost is a little high at $3.15/month but if you’re using WordPress, that number climbs. If you want to incorporate some features (they have a lot), the number climbs higher. A lot of reviews stated that after a few years of using Fat Cow’s services, the cost went up well over 4x. This is the biggest drawback with Fat Cow. If you plan on growing into a large operation, this is something that may get costly. The reliability does help to justify the higher price that comes with Fat Cow.

One thing Fat Cow is not lacking in, is their customer reviews. Fat Cow has been around for almost 20 years now. They have had more than enough time to make an impact on the market. They have proven, and customers have confirmed, their brick house reliability. Customer testimonials are pretty inconsistent. While they rank high with reliability and features, they fall very short with support and price. Some customers have claimed to have waited weeks for any sort of resolution. Other customers say that they have had issues with more technical situations actually stumping the technical support. I have found that if you have basic needs for a simple website, the customer support is fast and helpful. Many of the Fat Cow testimonials talk about the price escalating over time way past the industry standard. I dug into this a little more and it looks like features that were necessary for growth were added causing the rise in pricing. This is to be expected with most hosting companies.


Fat Cow has a long history but they may just be a little out of their prime. They seem to be lacking when it comes to price and support. They have some great offers when you first sign up like $200 worth of ad credits and free domain transfer. They have a ton of features that you can play with, but they will cost you. If you have anything more complicated than a basic small business website, the customer service takes longer than you’d expect. You’ll also notice that the price is higher than some of the main competitors offering the same features. All in all, would I recommend Fat Cow? If you have a small business with limited growth where uptime is crucial, yes.












          • Free domain transfer
          • Incredible uptime and reliability
          • Plenty of features to choose from
          • Good reputation


          • Higher priced than many competitors
          • Inconsistent customer service reviews
          • Load speed is a little low