Beats Pill Plus Bluetooth Speaker Review


Beats by Dre was acquired by Apple so we are expecting big things from the new Beats Pill Plus bluetooth speaker. The previous pill portable speakers have been aesthetically pleasing but not so much when it comes to the audio. The Beats name is very well-known in the audio industry but they often have mixed reviews. We decided to dive into the newest version of the Beats Pill called the Beats Pill Plus to see how it holds up to the best competition on the market right now. Does the power team of Apple and Beats by Dre match up to all the hype? Take a look at the in depth review below.


Overall Rating

  • Durability 80%
  • Sound Quality 70%
  • Price 70%
  • Battery Life 80%


  • Water resistant
  • Plays louder than expected
  • Multi unit pairing options while using the app
  • Sleek fashionable design



  • Sound quality is lacking
  • Requires the app for multi unit pairing (not all devices are compatible)
  • Very pricey


The Beats Pill Plus is the newest pill to hit the market and in my honest opinion, it’s a tough pill to swallow. I was expecting some big things since Apple brought in their expert team to take the ‘Beats by Dre’ brand to the next level. It seems they have fallen short with the Beats Pill Plus. Apple made the beats Pill Plus larger with two tweeters sandwiching two woofers. The speakers do sound better than previous models, I’ll give them that. That’s not saying much however as the last few models weren’t too impressive. The battery life is decent at 12 hours but the sound quality just isn’t there for the price. I do like the durability and it feels like a very solid product. The volume is much louder than I was expecting but at really high volumes the treble would distort and at lower volumes the bass would disappear. I like the smooth design and I like the multi unit pairing options through the app. I do have an iPhone so compatibility wasn’t an issue with me but I hear that certain devices are not compatible. This is something you should look into before purchasing the Beats Pill Plus. 

Coming in at a whopping $199.00 the Beats Pill Plus is not the cheapest bluetooth speaker on the market. In fact it’s far from it. With a price tag like that I expect to see some huge improvements from previous models and now being owned by Apple I had high hopes. I don’t feel like they knocked it out of the park in a world that is already saturated with bluetooth speaker options. Beats by Dre has a very well-known reputation and Apple is no stranger to the world of electronics so I was expecting big things. All I got was a big price tag from the Beats Pill Plus.

The customer reviews on the Beats Pill Plus are pretty consistent. Everyone is saying that they are happy with the speaker but they were expecting more. More volume, more clarity but not more cost. The price seems to be a little cringeworthy among the buyers. Overall, they are happy with the speaker but it is comparable or only slightly better than previous models. A few people even say they prefer the previous model, the Beats Pill XL. The Beats Pill Plus is a nice speaker, it does a good enough job when compared to other speakers in the same category, however the price is the biggest turn off for me. I’m excited to see what happens with the Beats Pill Plus because it can only get better from here.


The Beats Pill Plus is a decent speaker if you want to fill a small to medium sized room. The sound is directional so you’ll find that at different angles, the sound is going to be different. Many people have to prop it back to get an optimal listening angle. The Pill plays loud but does distort on some songs in both the low ranges and the high ranges. With a price tag of $199 I expected a little bit more from a powerhouse like Apple. The beats Pill Plus is a good speaker if you’re willing to drop the cash, however I do think that there are a few better choices for around the same dollar. You’re paying a lot for the brand with the Beats Pill Plus.

Beats Pill Plus Bluetooth Speaker Review

Beats Pill Plus Bluetooth Speaker Review



    Sound Quality




        Battery Life



          • Water Resistant
          • Plays Louder Than Expected
          • Multi Unit Pairing Options With The App
          • Sleek Design


          • Sound Quality Is Lacking
          • Requires The App To Enable Multi Unit Pairing
          • Very Pricy For The Quality