Avast Antivirus Software Review


Avast Antivirus Software is no stranger to the security market. If you’ve ever logged onto the internet, chances are you’ve heard about Avast. They offer multiple plans but the most popular plan is their FREE plan. Many antivirus companies offer a free plan but something sets Avast apart from the rest. Without question I had to figure out what that was. I’ve used Avast in the past and I’ve used the competition as well. Avast is not new to the security world but I wanted to know exactly how they stack up against their competition, no matter which plan we look at. Below you will find an in-depth review of Avast Antivirus Software and if it owns up to the hype that surrounds the name. Take a look at my full review below.


Overall Rating

  • Protection 90%
  • Price 85%
  • Compatibility 80%
  • Features 90%


  • The free software is surprisingly useful
  • Many features to take advantage of
  • Multiple device protection
  • Email protection


  • Runs slow
  • Uses excessive system resources
  • Customer support is slow
  • Expensive compared to competition

Avast antivirus software has been around for quite some time and they seem to know what they are doing when it comes to security. They have a few basic plans you can choose from from Free up to $129.00 for a single device. They offer decent protection that the average user will find useful however I found that their free plan does that just fine. If you want more of the features be prepared to pay and be prepared for a slower computer as well. Any one of the Avast antivirus plans uses a considerably higher chunk of system resources to run. You can protect multiple devices but that’s also going to cost you. Many competitors throw in multiple device protection for a much cheaper price. If you are looking for the best FREE protection, Avast antivirus software is there to assist. You might get annoyed by the occasional pop-ups but you’ll be satisfied with the protection. If you are looking for a loaded plan offering multiple device protection, you might want to keep looking.

The customer reviews for Avast antivirus software are all over the place. The majority of users seem to have at least one or more complaints regarding price changes, unforeseen billing and slow customer service. As far as the product, Avast seems to work just fine among its main user group, the software does use excessive system resources however the security is nothing to complain about. I have noticed that there are fewer complaints from people using the free protection plan. The biggest complaints are from people using the top two plans. Typically the free Avast antivirus software plan will suffice for most users.


Avast antivirus offers a free program that is more than capable for most users. In fact, I do recommend it. It may slow your computer a bit but a virus uncaught will slow it down further. The pay for plans are adequate but the customer service and lag times are not worth the price in my opinion. I also don’t like that they don’t offer multiple device protection out of the gate and you have to upgrade your plan to get that. Most people connect their phones to their computer at least once or more so dual device protection is becoming more and more of a necessity these days. The free plan from Avast does offer great protection, it does lack on features but nothing you’ll really miss. I am a fan of the free Avast antivirus protection plan but I don’t think the paid plans cut the mustard.

Avast Antivirus Software

Avast Antivirus Software










          • Virus Scanner
          • Safe Browsing
          • Many Usable Features
          • Email Protection


          • Runs Slow
          • Uses Extra Resources
          • Customer Support Takes Time